Our little Miracle

Our little Miracle
"And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." ~Luke 2:40

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweet baby boy

Austin is doing well today.  He did well with the blood transfusion.  If his body would have any reaction, it would have had it in the first 15 minutes. The transfusion is pumped in so slowly, and even with such a small amount that Austin was receiving, its a process that takes hours.  He did very well, and his blood gas levels, and CBC came out very good today.  His anemia was improving. 

My baby boy did have a very rough night last night/early morning.  He had quite a few A's and B's, but most of them he was able to pull him self back up with the numbers, only requiring stimulation a few times.  However, he receives 19 ml feeds, and he did have a 5 ml bile come up not long after his feed.  His belly measured a little big (1cm bigger than normal) and so they ordered a belly scan (bile and enlarged belly raises much concern).  His scan came back normal, but showed a lot of air trapped.... Doctors are sure that is what caused the bile, as his belly was trying to push out the air.  I was also told that the transfusion can cause some temporary problems... that the intestines take time to absorb the new blood, and while trying to adjust to the new blood that they do not always digest things properly or immediately.  He has not had more of the bile come up after his feedings for the rest of today.  The doctors had his gc tube (feeding tube) changed and had him repositioned and angled and this seem to help as well... much less frequent A's and B's and seems to be more comfortable.

Austin did gain a tiny bit of weight.  This morning he was at 975g (2lbs 2.50 oz).  He's still getting two caffeine doses a day, and they are keeping him on antibiotics through today-to be safe (bile build-up).  When I called his nurse this evening (about 8:30p) he was doing very well. He hadn't had any concerning A's and B's for the day.  He had gained another 9g.= 984g.  :O)    He is doing well with his feeds (still on the pump).  He was a little "warm" so his nurse turned down his temperature of his "bed" (isolette).  Not a fever grade warm... so not a reason to worry.

All and all today is a good day for Austin.  Scotty went down to the hospital early afternoon and said he looks great.  He opened his eyes at his daddy a few times and seemed to be comfortable.  Scotty is sure to always tell him that his mommy and brother love him so much!  I am finally feeling back to myself... 100%... so I will be heading down early in the morning.  I miss him so much.... I wonder if he'll look bigger and tougher to me?!   ...  AND THEN ITS DREW and MOMMY DAY!!!  I miss my time with my older son.  I was on bed rest for 8 full weeks, and then these past two weeks I have not been "here" mentally.... and so tomorrow is a much needed day!  Movies and popcorn and candy and living like a kid again- no worries.  Its going to be a great time!!!!

We are continually blessed each and every day.  I thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!
And I thank GOD for another day of progress for Austin.... b/c its one day closer for him to come home!

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