Our little Miracle

Our little Miracle
"And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." ~Luke 2:40

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Support for Austin

My 7 yr old son and I wearing purple for AUSTIN ALLEN

It's the little things that make life worth living,
It's the little things that help us make it through.
I never knew how true those words were,
Until I first set my eyes on you.
I feared because it was too early;
I cried because it was too soon.
Yet I underestimated
The strength in one as small as you.
You were born a fighter, a warrior;
You would not quit nor move on.
You strove, you fought, you tried,
Until your battle was won.
When hope might have faded,
When the trial seemed too great,
A tiny child, despite the odds,
Fought what was thought fate.
And a little baby triumphed,
A baby thought too small to live,
A baby knew that life
Is the most precious thing to give

Sweet baby boy. 
Austin's cousin
Friends Alicia and daughter Izzy
Austin's second cousin
My aunt and uncle
Mommy's friend
NICU grad L.  She's a miracle baby too, and today she showed her support for all preemies including Austin!
Mommy's friend
My cousin
Abby.....  ;o)

Facebook Status' on 11/17/11
"Got my purple on today..thinking of you and baby Austin today!" ~ Brandy K.
"Wearin' my purple jammies tonight in honor of the tiny man! " ~Becky S.
"So I wore purple today!! Granted it was only my socks and undergarments, because my purple scrubs were dirty, but I found something purple to wear for little Austin!!" ~Heidi C.
"So tonight while saying our prayers which of course include baby Austin, Nate asked how long will he be in the hospital and i said i don't know but each day he gets stronger and stronger i guess maybe a couple of months and brady said "wow a couple of months then he will be as strong as a pro wrestler". Just wanted you to know we are praying for you all everyday." ~ Erin C. and her boys
"I'm wearing purple today just for him and had to mention that it's my favorite color too!" ~ Krystle B.
I worn my purple for Austin today!!!! I told everyone about him!!! Prayers always coming your way!!!!" ~ Debbie F.
"Purple is my least favorite color, but I am rockin it for my boy Austin" ~Jason R.
"It's World Prematurity Day...thinking of baby Austin Kimmey, son of Andrea Kimmey who was born 11.3.11 at barley 26 weeks, he is both a miracle and a little fighter! God bless these little ones, the dedicated parents, and the amazing Doctors and Nurses who take care of these tiny miracles!"  ~ Tanya N.
"all babies are blessings.
premature babies are miracles.
esp austin. ♥
wearing purple for you & your amazing mommy
Andrea Kimmey." ~ Natalie L.
"Today is World Prematurity Day! Wear purple in honor of all the little ones born premature! I'm wearing purple in honor of Austin Kimmey who was born on November 3, 2011 at 26wks 2days! He is doing great and has a very strong, loving family cheering him on and praying he continues to grow stronger each day! God is amazing and baby Austin is living proof! — with Andrea Kimmey." ~ Christi K.
"Today is world prematurity day! Wear purple in honor of all the premies! I am wearing purple today in honor of Austin Kimmey born 11/3/2011 at a whopping 26wks 2days! He is growing stronger everyday! We love you guys and will continue our prayers! — with Andrea Kimmey." ~ Beth K.
"Today is world prematurity day! Wear purple in honor of all the little peanuts!! ESP for Austin Kimmey!! :) — with Andrea Kimmey." ~ Katie S.
 "None of my girls were premie's. Just supporting a friend, Andrea and all the other families that have had premie's.. Stay strong and keep believing!!! Austin is a fighter and this is just a speed bump in life that he will over come.. Keep praying for ya little man" ~ Mike M.


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