Our little Miracle

Our little Miracle
"And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." ~Luke 2:40

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...time for UPDATES

I haven't had time to update the last few days... and they have been crazy. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Austin is doing okay today.  His blood counts came back normal today.  He is having trouble pushing his stools, due to gas.  His belly is distended more, about another 1/2cm.  He had a few A's and B's (3) and quite a few desats.  The nurses upped his oxygen to 35% to 40% and gave him a chin strap to keep his mouth closed.  This has been helping some with the desats.  My sweet angel!

Weds, November 23, 2011
As I was getting ready to drop my older son to a friends, and my husband had just left to go into work, the hospital called about their rounds.  The doctor said Austin didn't have a good night.  She wanted me to be prepared for some things when I arrived.  He stopped digesting his feeds (back on TPN's and lipids).  The neonatoligists believe it all could tie into the amount of gas his belly is holding, but are also worried it could be an intolerance to the "cows milk" they fortify my breast milk with, so they are stopping his feeds for 48 hours.  His blood work came back with no infection, no inflammations, x-rays look good, however his blood gas is high for carbon dioxide again, even higher than the last time.    His belly is filling with so much air that it is causing pressure on his lungs and diaphragm, not allowing him to fill his lungs to capacity, therefore not able to get all the oxygen he needs.  He needs to be off the CPAP to let his belly, bowels, etc rest, but still needs a "boost", so they are going to intubate him with a ventilator again.  :*(   They are going to put a large tube down into his belly with a slight suction on the end, to vent out the air.  His belly is still "soft" but very pressurized.  It is measuring 24cm.  The ventilator will be on very low settings since, Austin doesn't necessarily need a ventilator, but cannot have the CPAP at the time.  They hope to have him off of it Friday or Saturday.  As of now, they will just administer TPN's and lipids through an IV, and see how tests go to decide if he will need another PICC line.

I call my husband, distraught.  I am so upset.  Re-intubating him is so extremely invasive, and uncomfortable, and long term can cause a lot of damage to my sweet boys lungs.  I'm holding on to the fact that he hasn't stopped breathing to need the ventilator, they just need an alternative to fix the other problem... the gas trapped in his belly.

We head to the hospital and talk with the doctors through our tears.  Dr. L was very uplifting and positive about these steps.  We talk to Austin about being proud of him and about hanging in there and being strong.  We leave as they do the intubating of the ventilator.  We come back and see how everything is set up.  We have a clear view of his face with out the CPAP.  He is so sweet.  The ventilatior placement went well.  They had to pull out the first attempt because his HR dropped low, but had no problems the second go.  He was fighting them a bit, which is good.  He is resting, and hopefully things improve soon.  We sit and visit for about an hour and say our "i love you's" and head out.  I am exhausted and go home to sleep for a few hours.

Thursday, November 24, 2011
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  We wake in the morning and head to the hospital to see how Austin has been doing.  The doctors do some xrays this morning.  He is doing a little better, not as many desats, no A's and B's.  His xrays show the gas is still hanging out around his stomach.  His lungs are still  not extended to full capacity, but his belly is softer.  He has been able to have his oxygen settings lowered just a bit. 

After thanksgiving festivities, we head back to see how Austin is doing.  He is doing AWESOME.  His afternoon xrays came back showing a lot of practice.  Dr. Heather showed us the two xrays.  His lungs are now fully open and his belly has a lot less gas.  His stomach looks so much smaller!  His blood gas levels are fantastic, where they need to be!!!!  He is doing well in just the few hours we were gone!  He is such a fighter.  He weighs 1080g = 2lbs 6oz today.  He did rip out his ventilator. So they have gloves on his hands and tucked them snugly beneath him.  The also has a strap and tape all the way around his head to hold the vent in place.  He's feisty!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011
After rounds this morning, Dr. Heather called to tell us how well Austin is.  His blood gas is perfect.  He did loose a little weight 2lbs 4oz today, but he will start feeds at 10mls again this evening at 6:00pm.  They have begun weening him off of the ventilator.  Hoping if his feeds go well tonight that he will be off vent tomorrow!!! Praying this goes well!

We will be heading down to see him soon.  I hope he keeps climbing up the wall of progress!  I love him so very much!!!!!

Continued prayer is getting me through my everyday.... so THANK YOU from every depth of our hearts!!!!  xoxoxoxo

Sweet little angel!!!!

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  1. Debbie Fannin11/25/11, 3:27 PM

    Praying for your sweet little one!!!! Hang in there Mommy!!!!