Our little Miracle

Our little Miracle
"And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." ~Luke 2:40

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby steps...

Yesterday I didn't have a chance to post.  I saw Austin in the morning and he was doing okay.  He had some A's and B's through out the night, with his feeds, so REFLUX.... but his belly was measuring larger as well.  It was still soft and not discolored.... and he showed no signs of pain.  He is getting so much air in his belly, and because his feeds are on a 2 hour pump, it doesn't leave much time to vent his feeding tube to allow air to escape.  He is also releasing a lot of air with his bowels.  Oxygen is up a little to 35% and they have put on a chin strap, which keeps his mouth closed so oxygen isn't going in his nose and escaping his mouth.... this has shown to work... he is desatting less.

This morning Austin is doing so well!  He had a total of 8 A's and B's... and a total of 8 feeds.  His spells are happening about 20 mins after his feeds.  His desat's are less, but still up and down.  He looked really good, feisty while doing his vitals, diaper change, etc.... and very relaxed and comfortable otherwise.  He did have a bradycardia (B) at 10:30a.m. while we were there, but he dropped to 93 and brought himself back up.  Austin has gained more weight.  He now weighs an even 1000g = 2 lbs 3oz.  When he hits 1200-1300g the doctors will see how he handles being without his CPap.  At 1500g, as long as Austin can regulate his own body temperature, he will be out of his isolette.  So 1000g sounds so good to me!!!!  I feel like he is beginning to "fill out" a bit too.  His skin doesn't seem so loose and saggy.  I think he's getting pinchable cheeks!!!!!   

This evening we went to a seminar where speaker OTR  Sue Ludwig spoke to us about preemies.  It was very interesting and I learned alot and was able to have my questions answered!  We of course went to see Austin after the seminar.  His nurse Felicia said he was doing very well.  His belly looked better, but was still measuring the same, just not getting bigger.  His feeds were put back to a 1 hour pump, rather than 2 hours to allow for more venting for his belly.  This seems to be helping him a little.  He hadn't had any A's and B's since his 10:30 a.m. spell, and he seemed to be able to release his gas easier.  He was doing well!  He looked good!!!  I love him so much!  I did get a couple of good pictures today, so I will post them tomorrow.  I am so tired and heading to bed.  I've turned into a milk machine and it's wiping me out!  I know if he were home it'd be the same... but I'd also be napping more if he were here.  When I have the time for a nap, I always take that time to head down to see Austin. 

OH!  The NICU has a Christmas party for us!  Santa comes to the NICU with some ELVES (Bengals players) and takes pictures.  Siblings are invited to the family room for craft time and to for autographs and photos.  SO cool for Austin and Drew!  A brother thing! So cool!

Continued blessings for Austin everyday!  I thank YOU Lord! 

We met a sweet baby girl today as well.  She is only a few days old.  She was born at 24 weeks.  She is so tiny... but so beautiful.  Her name is Miracle.  She has the teeny, tiniest, cute little nose!!!!  Pray for Miracle too!

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