Our little Miracle

Our little Miracle
"And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." ~Luke 2:40

Saturday, December 3, 2011

"i have two sons, a 7 yr old and a 1 month old"

Today Austin is now one month old.  I know, crazy, RIGHT?! 

Yesterday he was beginning to desat more and more.  :o/   He has so much secretion in his lungs from the ventilator, it seems they're constantly sucking out gunk from them.  Poor buddy.  He hates it, too.  His oxygen requirement is kind of staying the same because of this... 40%.  I did hold him swaddled in my arms yesterday so that I could look at him and talk with him... I have some fantastic pictures that I will be sharing as soon as I get them downloaded.  He weighed 2lbs 9oz!!!!

Today- Austin is 1 month old!!  30 wks gestational....  I love this little peanut!!!  He looked good today, however his desats are continuing and seemed to be lower than they have been lately.... His oxygen requirements are getting a little higher... 42% today.  I called tonight to check on him, and she moved him up to 50% because of increased desats.  She said she's going to give him about an hour or so with 50% and try to get him lower throughout the night.  She said his secretions are increasing, so it seems.  Scotty and I have agreed to get in there and talk to the doctors in more depth tomorrow.  I will keep you posted.  Overall, though, he is doing well.  He has been slowly gaining weight and is continuing to do great with his feeds.  He's kind of at a plateau for progress, but not getting worse, or moving backwards.  So I guess at least that's not happening.  I'd like to see his oxygen saturation get to where he needs to be and get him off the ventilator!  The sooner the better, but not before he's ready.  I just will feel like I can "breathe easier" once he's off of it. 

Again, Thank You for your continued support!!!!

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