Our little Miracle

Our little Miracle
"And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." ~Luke 2:40

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Exciting News!!!!

Yesterday, December 10, I had a baby shower out of town.  I was nervous to go up, considering the week we had.  But things were looking up, so I felt okay to leave for the day.  I went up to hang with my family for the evening.  So many wonderful friends and family showed up for the shower.  It was very nice (thanks mom and sisters + Amanda). 

As we were playing games, I received a text message from my husband.   It read... "they're taking him off respirator right now!!!  Hope he handles it "... followed with a text 15 minutes later that read "Extubated well, resting on CPAP!!!  Great day!!!".....   I was so overjoyed!  I interrupted the game and tearfully made the announcement as we all cheered and clapped and fought back tears!  This was an amazing day!!!!  The best gift ever!!!! 

I was so happy my husband was there.  He just showed up at the right time!  I guess the plan was to change his tube to a large tube since he's grown.  His nurse and RT talked to the doctor and basically said "hey... we're pulling the tube to put the larger in.  We know this baby well, lets give him a chance with CPAP.  If it doesn't go well, we'll be prepared and have everything set up to intubate immediately."  Doctors went with it!  It was a success!  SO happy he has primary nurses... they know him so very well!  It's heartwarming to know they care so much for him too!  I did ask about what it would take for him to go back to ventilator, as I know this is a possibility if he doesn't do well with the CPAP.  His doctor said even if he started to require higher oxygen levels, they'd rather have him on high levels and on a cpap than on a ventilator, BUT if he starts up with the A's and B's again (apnea and brady cardia), then they'd have to most likely intubate agian-- but he hasn't had any!  So he's hanging strong!  Nurse said today, "he is furious when he is hungry".  LOL   She was sweating when I get there trying to get him to cooperate with his care. LOL 

Austin has since been doing GREAT on the CPAP.  His peep is on the high end to ensure he handles it well (7).. and oxygen at around 30%.    They have upped his feeds to 22mls.  He still needs to start packing on the weight...  but he'll get there.  He is a trooper!  I love him so.  I told him so many times how proud of him we all are!  I tell him about all the prayers everyone is saying for him.  He is so loved!  What an inspiration this small little 2 lb 11 oz baby boy is to so many!!!  Awesome!!! 

**Pictures to come soon.  I have some good ones!  My computer is not cooperating with me for whatever reason, when it comes to downloading my pictures... hang tight... I'll post soon enough!**

Again, thank you all so very much for your love, support and prayers.  This journey is emotional... but its my life, and I love it.  I get scared from time to time... but the Lord eases those fears.  I am calm, confident and standing strong.  I have a new look at life and the things that I do and do not have control of.  I am now able to allow God do his work the way he wants, and be okay with that.  I have my selfish moments, but overall, I am letting God do what is best and what He has planned for Austin, my self, my husband and older son, Drew.  We are okay with this change in our lives.  Its actually a pretty awesome life.  I have so many things to be thankful for!  Two beautiful boys... and I get to see them both grow stronger each day.  I am actually pretty fortunate... most people don't get to see how a baby grows and develops while in utero.  I do... just with a twist...  :o)

Many blessings to all!!! 
Please pray for Austins NICU friend Adaya.  She is one week younger (to the day) than Austin.  She is getting over pneumonia and has been fighting a fever with a very high heart rate today.  She is an amazing little fighter with an amazing mother, whom I have grown close to.  She is so beautiful!  Her mother and I are glad to have one another, and have already talked wedding plans for our two babies.  LOL.    Thank you for prayers always!



  1. OMG what wonderful news. He is such a little trooper and an inspiration to us all. Keep going Austin! Glad you had a good shower!

    Sabrina FEB 12 mama

  2. Congrats with the new news! Sounds like is a real strong little guy. Sending prayers :)