Our little Miracle

Our little Miracle
"And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." ~Luke 2:40

Thursday, December 1, 2011

4 weeks old

Austin is a big 4 week old baby today!  Can you believe it???  He has gone through so much, and is such a strong guy.  Four weeks... wow.  It doesn't feel like he's been here with us this long, yet it feels like forever ago since I was laying in the hospital!  One month on Saturday.... crazy.

Yesterday was a somber visit in the NICU.  One of Austin's pod mates had passed overnight. I had told you all about her, Miracle.  She was born at 24 wks and was 2 weeks old when she passed.  The day before she passed, while I was there visiting Austin, she was having a very rough day.  Alarming constantly.  Her heart had stopped.  Please take a moment, now if you will, and say a prayer for her family.  What wonderful people. 

Austin had a good past few days.  He is still desatting with 40%m but its due to secretions in his lungs from having the ventilator in.  His blood gas is still good.  His chest x-ray today still showed hazy, due to fluid, so since his electrolytes are good, he will begin a 3 day course on the diuretics to flush his fluids.  I called to check on him and he is doing well and has had a large urine out put (getting rid of the fluids) and his oxygen levels are going down already.  He was down just a little at 37%-but moving in the right direction!

I held Austin for about an hour and fifteen minutes today.  I told him about our new Christmas tree, and about his brother.  My husband has been home sick the past few days, so i reminded Austin of his love and that he would be back to visit soon.  Drew asked me to let him know to be strong and get better so that he can come home and be a new family member.  :o)     I told him all about life at home.  And then we napped together!!!  He is wonderful.   Austin was awake and alert today.  He still needs to gain weight... 1122g = 2obs 7oz... but he did go up on his calories today.  Keep praying for the maturing of his lungs, and please pray for him to gain weight.  Once he starts to gain weight, everything else should follow suit! 

One day at a time is such a pleasant way of living, if you're able to stick to it.  It really is not easy at times, but when I'm able to do so, it makes me feel so much better!

Thank you again for continued prayers!

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