Our little Miracle

Our little Miracle
"And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." ~Luke 2:40

Monday, February 13, 2012

My sweet 8 lb. preemie!!!!!

Yes!  You read correctly!  8 pounds!!!!  LOL    I never thought I would see this day-- in the NICU!!!! He is my big boy!  I love him so! 

Austin is doing FABULOUS!!! He really has adapted to the high flow cannula well this time around.  He is currently at 5 L flow, and although the doctors haven't done rounds yet this morning, we have talked on Saturday about going down to 4 L flow today... so we will see!  He really is like a new baby!  He is so comfortable, other than when his belly is full of gas!  He really did not like the CPAP at all!!!!!

Not much has changed in the past week.  Other than getting some Mylicon drops for his gassy belly, I think everything is just about the same.  He is up on his feeds a little more too...56 ml's ... which will probably go up today as well.  They have talked about reducing his caloric intake, they have been fortifying him with extra calories for some time now to fatten him up- which they've succeeded!  They would like to see him gaining steadily, yes, but about 20-30 grams per day.  He gains about 70+ grams a day.  At this rate he's going to be 10 lbs when he comes home! 

My older son Drew is still very anxious about getting his brother home.  Last night, while laying in bed, he asked again, "when is Austin coming home?"   I tell him the truth.  He knows his brother has crummy lungs and that he just needs some more "healing time" for them before he comes home.  I explained the high flow cannula to him and how it works vs. the cpap.  I explained where he is on the flow and where he needs to be to start to learn to feed (2L) and he needs to be to come home on oxygen, and where he would need to be to come home with out oxygen.  I think he "gets it" to an extent.  He doesn't understand why they just don't take all the "tubes" off of Austin and see if he can do it on his own...  :o)   I always encourage Drew to ask questions about Austins care, that way he doesn't feel like he's left in the dark about any of it.

Here are some new pictures of Austin.... ENJOYING LIFE!!!!

My little AUSTIN!!!!

Sleeping soundly!!!

Snuggled up!  (arm rolls)

Hanging out with MOMMY!!!

My big brother ROCKS!!!

I hope everyone has a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY tomorrow and remembers to hug and kiss all your loves!  I know I will!!!!  xoxoxo

Thank you all, for this NICU journey is still going, I am thankful to have had the support I have and continue to gain each day!  Our little boy will be home before we know it... and you all helped us to stay sane!  You're prayers helped Austin, Drew, Scott, and myself, and we cannot thank you enough!  

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  1. So glad to see he is doing great! He is a cute little chunker. Hopefully he will come home soon!