Our little Miracle

Our little Miracle
"And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." ~Luke 2:40

Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick update

Sorry I have not been back since Sunday.  Austin didn't have a great start to 2012, but he's still trucking along.  He had the episode I last talked about.  Later in the day, he showed major signs of being overworked.  He was breathing so quickly and "pulling" or retracting while breathing.  His blood gas came back good, which was great news.  The doctor still ordered an x-ray, which showed no change.  (In other words, his lung damage hasn't worsened, nor has it gotten any better).  The lungs did look a tiny bit wet, so Austin did a round of diuretics. 

All week Austin has been resting and steadily gaining weight.  He has still been hanging out at 30% FIO2's.  I kind of poked around at the doctors to get their views of all of this.  I gather he'll be here until most likely the end of February.  He still needs to go through the windowing process of the nasal cannula (which is minimum 13 days, if he sails through perfectly), and after he is comfortably on the nasal cannula permanently, he will still need to learn to eat.  He is 35 wks gestation.  His doctor said 42 weeks gestation is a good goal for a timeline to have him home.  On average, 26 wkrs are in the hospital until gestational weeks 40-42.  I also gathered that because he is very comfortable at 30% and doesn't show any signs of handling anything lower at this time, that he may just be a  baby that moves slowly at lung recovery and being able to handle lower oxygen requirements.  (*remember, room air- what we breathe- has an FIO2 of 21%).  Which is all fine with us.  We do not want him RUSHED into anything until he is good and ready. 

The doctors talked about a quick temporary fix to get him on lower oxygen requirements... which would involve a daily diuretic regimen and steroids, BUT do not want to do this route as its the un-natural way of doing things, more toxic and more long term effects.  WHICH I AGREE 100% WITH HIM!  LESS MEDS THE BETTER!!!   He said a lot of hospitals worry more about their numbers.  They would prefer to have lower numbers of babies with CLD (chronic lung disease) so they will pump them with meds to get them through that period and get them home.... HOWEVER, the damage is still their and the babies bodies need to eventually learn to heal itself, so continuing meds to take care of it is prolonging the body from learning to heal.  AGREED!!!  SO we are on Austins watch and he will let us know when he is ready! My sweet pea!  xoxoxo

WELL, this morning I called to see how his night was and let his nurse know I wont be in until later (my car is getting new tires put on and I am starting to paint Austin's room).  She had GREAT news to share!  Austin was steadily at 23% over night and currently this morning he was 23%.  He has not gone above 28% all night and morning!  FANTASTIC!!!!!!

I am going to leave you all with that EXCITING news and go and PAINT his room!  I am so excited!  I hope and pray he keeps it up!

Many blessings to all!!!!!

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  1. I hope he continues to do well. He is a trooper and I love hearing about him. Have fun with the room. He will be home before you know it!

    FEB 12 mama