Our little Miracle

Our little Miracle
"And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon him." ~Luke 2:40

Sunday, March 18, 2012

An end to our NICU stay is upon the horizon

Its been longer than I like since my last post, but I have been busy!  I am trying to get Austin's room finished, along with making sure everything is in "order" with every other part of my life.  I have been doing this while trying to deal with very high anxiety.  Not an easy thing!!!!  :O)

Austin is doing super well!!!  The doctor had said to me on Thursday, "...would be a good time to sit down with the discharge nurse and began discharge preparations...".   Since that day Austin has really begun to "take off".  He is now at a 1L flow at 100% FIO2's to get him weened to home settings.  He is feeding well.  Yesterday Austin pulled out his NG tube and the doctor suggested giving him a trial (16 hours) of PO Demand feeds.  Meaning, he eats as much as he wants at what ever times he wants, as long as no longer than 4 hours between.  He did very well.  I am still waiting to hear from the doctor as to if they will keep his feeding tube out and let him continue on the demand feeds.  I am a little questionable as to exactly how they determine what a good amount is.  I am sure they set a bottom line of ml's of milk a day... I know he must continue to gain weight.  I anticipate they will allow him to continue this route for at least a full 24 hours to determine if he gets a good amount over the 24 hours.

SOOOO..... I had to stop this post and go to get groceries....and a lot of news since then.....   Instead of erasing and starting over, I am just going to go from here......

The doctor called to give the update after rounds... some changes!!!!  Austin's flow was adjusted to 3/4L and he is doing great.... he is doing well with his on demand feeds too!  Doctor said "we'd like to see him go home this weds or Thurs".......   Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!   Honestly, I have so much to do and was counting on at least a week.... lol.......  but we are ready to get him home!!!!  A thorough cleaning and setup of his room.... we will get it all done!   CPR class on weds, so most likely Thursday or Friday.   Holy Cow!   I never thought this day would come.... I mean of course I knew he'd come home soon.... but it happened so fast. 

I am so elated.  I cannot even express how happy I am.  We have come so incredible far.  Austin has made such amazing progress.  What a fighter he is!  I am so thankful to all of you for your constant thoughts and prayers!!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I am so thankful to have an amazing GOD!  He is so amazing!!!!!!

I am so thankful for my family and friends.  My long conversations with my mom, dad, sisters and brothers... many filled with hyperventilating and tears... talks of nothing but medical terms.... each time they listened and never didn't answer, or acted as though they didn't have time.... THANK YOU!

I am so thankful for my husband and older son.  Patience and understanding from the two of them, amazing.  The opened doors of communication between my husband and I.  We grew a new kind of closeness during this hard time.  My older son has been amazing.... a 7 year old.  His life was changed in many ways too. He did so well....ever since the day I was on bed rest.  He is an awesome kid!!!

I cannot believe Austin's homecoming is right here..... its just a few days away!!!!  I will post so many pictures!!!!

I must log off and get into his room and finish a few things!!!!  YAY!!!!!



  1. Yay! Such great news!!!!! It is the greatest feeling taking them home after a long NICU stay! I cant wait to hear Austin is home! I pray everything goes well! The oxygen will be off beore you know it!! Lilly only had it for two weeks at home! So happy for your family!!!!!~lw

  2. Eager for Austin news!


    Mrs Bota